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Martha Lueders

Freelance journalist

National Newspaper Association contest winner. Journalism alum of the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Full-time avid Peanuts fan, blogger of Twin Cities Peanuts blog.

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Open uri20140512 4974 kr80vj article

Minneapolis fresh produce campaign needs to grow

This spring the City of Minneapolis again is struggling to get its Plant an Extra Row campaign started for its second year.

The campaign was implemented last year when the Minneapolis Health Department’s Healthy Food Shelf Network ....

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Murphy News Service | Food modification bill introduced in state House

Murphy News Service | Food modification bill introd...

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Nonprofit has girls running toward bright futures

“[This spring] I was expecting to be running in daffodils and tulips,” Kris Miner, a coach for the organization Girls on the Run, said. “I don’t know what I was thinking! I live in Minnesota.”...

Open uri20140428 9814 115gp98 article

Renovated Walker Library Opens in Uptown

Residents of the Uptown area impatiently waited for the doors of the Walker Library to re-open Saturday morning.

After being under construction since 2012, residents were restless to see the final results...

Open uri20140421 20693 hmzjbk article

Pastry chef challenge celebrates power of bees

Video story created for Murphy News Service.

Magic couple article

Murphy News Service | The Ultimate Trickster

Murphy News Service | The Ultimate Trickster

Photo %283%29 article

Murphy News Service | Art unites breast cancer survivors

A superhero should be easy to spot with the colorful tights and capes they wear, but in real life superheroes may seem ordinary without the Hollywood glamour. ...

Open uri20140326 352 mr10pf article

A pop-up gallery inspired by 'Peter and the Starcatcher'

By Martha Lueders Murphy News Service  Two large banks of windows look onto Hennepin Avenue. Three windows side-by-side create the first bank. A large moon, 10 feet in diameter and covered in scrap......

Open uri20140326 352 1lv0n06 article

Unmasking Eating Disorder Awareness

By Martha Lueders Murphy News Service  Eating disorders develop to fulfill something; they’re a coping mechanism. That’s what 30-year-old Jeanne Sause says. And she should know, having dealt for 20......

Open uri20140326 352 e6juxr article

Flappy Bird: An Addiction Gone Viral

By Martha Lueders Murphy News Service Players stare at their smartphone screens not daring to blink. They frantically press the screen as they attempt to navigate a small bird with big lips safely ......

Open uri20140326 352 guu7ik article

Etsy: fueling the American Dream

By Martha Lueders Murphy News Service Americans have been forced to become savvier with their money and find other areas for revenue due to hard economic times. There has been a rise and fall since......